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Show Stoppers

There is no truer saying for me being born and raised in Texas, as our unwritten states Motto seems to be 'Go Big or Go Home!' Here at Kelly Ann's one of my great cake passions is doing Big Builds! Cake means so many things to different people, but where I am from, the cake says it all - for any celebration regardless of number of guests! Not only did I have two weddings - One in Vancouver - with an all carrot wedding cake (my favourite) but then one a week later in England with a 4 foot croquembouche (my husband always wanted one) - and we only had less than 10 guests at each event but enough cake to feed an army! To do big builds or showstoppers, you need lots of space, reliable and talented assistants, transportation and strength to carry! Not to mention the assembly stress at the delivery! Here are a few of our behind the scenes and big builds.



bigbuild4 bigbuild3 bigbuild2 bigbuild1 behind2 behind4 behind1 behind3

A lot of hard work goes into creating your perfect cake, Above are just a few snaps of the team hard at work both in our facility and on location, making sure your beautiful cake is in the perfection position for the big day!